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With my project ‘Reborn’, I attempt to utilize elements of light and landscape to illustrate the conceptual connection between the actual world and the intangible sentiments. As light is dazzling but uncatchable, I utilize it as the metaphor to demonstrate the transitory happiness and hope that sometimes occurred in my life. It makes me to feel that I have been taken to the utopia, immersed in this psychedelic sense of uncertainty.


My ‘intentions’ behind the work are paradoxical. By researching some of the artists’s works such as Gabriel Isak and Steve Macleod, they creating works which look illusionary and atmospherically peaceful, in conflict with the inner melancholic mood beyond the stillness. Those works allow the spectators to have their own imagination or thoughts instead of receiving messages from the photographers directly. What I wish to achieve through my project is that the pictures I took would convey an empathy in a relatively objective way, therefore the viewers can engage in and get chances to reflect on their own experiences.


However, as I explore photography further, I find it harder to take photos that are impersonal. I think doing this project is also an opportunity to heal myself. It is an self-expressive form of art, it is personal and defined, and the whole process allows me to have conversations with myself.

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