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Faded Sparkle

This project embodies a personal and introspective exploration of family, memory, and the passage of time. Prompted by a diary entry reflecting on childhood photos, it aims to reclaim fragmented memories and navigate the complex emotions they evoke. The narrative style of the project focuses on how photographs placed in juxtaposition can unveil a story.


Life is made up of innumerable moments, the value of which we do not determine until they become memories.Words, music, pictures, and smells are all containers for memories. My senses are always receiving messages. These leave invisible traces of specific times, places, and emotions in my unconscious. These indelible traces are waiting dormant, until they are triggered. The smell of a flower, the touch of rain, or the sound of a bird brings remembrance back to consciousness. The brain telling me of things now past. That it was a significant day, a time, a season in my life, and that right now I may miss, am missing, as time softly turns back.


Home is the place where I always find myself looking back to. Along the timeline of growth, the more I keep leaving, the more I yearn to return to the beginning. But I tell myself change is inevitable, and only by frequently recording experiences can I make change seem less overwhelming.

​Handmade Book
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